Tube Line Fabrication Guide for Leak Free Systems

Every hydraulic, pneumatic and lubrication system requires some form of tube line fabrication and fitting installation for completion. Proper fabrication and installation are essential for the overall efficiency, leak free performance, and general appearance of any system.

Start by planning ahead. After sizing the tube lines and selecting the appropriate style of fitting, consider the following in the design of your system:
  1. Accessibility of joints
  2. Proper routing of lines
  3. Adequate tube line supports
  4. Available fabricating tools

Routing of lines is probably the most difficult yet most significant of these system design considerations. Proper routing involves getting a connecting line from one point to another through the most logical path.

Always try to leave fitting joints as accessible as possible. Hard to reach joints are hard to assemble and tighten properly. Inaccessible joints are also more difficult and time consuming to service. The most logical path should have the following characteristics:
  • Avoid excessive strain on joint - A strained joint will eventually leak. (See Figures A14 through A21.)