Banjo Elbow - Inch

Composite Push-to-Connect Advantages

This fitting was designed to meet the needs of the motion control industry where fast assembly, dis-assembly and re-assembly is important. No special tools needed for tube assembly, just insert the tubing until it bottoms.

Composite Push-to-Connect is designed to be used without a tube support, providing full flow through the tubing. The grab ring design grips the tubing securely to provide retention.

Composite Push-to-Connect external pipe threads come with a preapplied white PCTFE sealant. Positional external pipe threaded ends are featured on shapes for installion in compact areas and for precise positioning.

  • -4ºF to +175ºF at up to 290 psi depending on tubing being used.
  • Vacuum applications are dependent upon temperature and type of tubing being used.
  • Tube sizes are determined by the number of sixteenths of an inch in the tube O.D.

Composite Push-to-Connect fittings were designed as an economical alternative for pneumatic applications. Ready to use, compact,one-piece fitting for use with most thermoplastic tubing.

Composite Push-to-Connect shaped fittings have a composite body with nickel plated brass componentry.

Component Material
Body Glass Reinforced Nylon 6.6
Collar Nylon
Gripping Ring Stainless Steel
D Seal Nitrile
O-Ring Nitrile
Base Nickel plated brass with Thread sealant on tapered components and captive seal on parallel threads
Banjo Elbow - Inch
Thread Hex
H L2 Part
inch NPT/UNF mm inch inch  
1/8 10-32 - 0.63 0.63 P55020
5/32 10-32 - 0.63 0.63 P55010
5/32 1/8 13 0.73 0.73 P55012
1/4 10-32 - 0.63 0.75 P55040
1/4 1/8 13 0.73 0.83 P55042
1/4 1/4 17 0.89 0.91 P55044
1/4 3/8 21 1.04 1.12 P55046
3/8 1/4 17 0.89 1.12 P55064
3/8 3/8 21 1.04 1.20 P55066